The Magic Circle

The magic circles, the world-wide ritual, that’s said to rewrite the entire universe, and our heroes just stumbled into it, and thus started a great adventure.

There are several huge ritual circles all over the world, divided into 4 areas of magic, all of them having their own patterns and a lot of magic circles, connecting eachother. All four huge magic circles have a middle-part, where all the magic will be gathered once the outer rituals have been completed, but our heroes have not yet found out what happens after that.

The magic circles are divided into 8 rituals of necrotic energy, 5 rituals of demonic power, 6 rituals of arcane supremacy and 4 rituals of draconic might. Each of these have a middlepart where all the energy seems to be collected once the outer rituals have been completed.

The purpose of all this seems to be to bring a second spellplague over the universe, as our heroes have been told by a master over a necrotic tower in the Shaar’s Desolation, but another mage called Voodhâl, a very powerful one at that, says that it would be impossible, the collected energies would not bring a spellplague, but he did not know what it all could be used for, but it can’t be good. What is the true intent of these rituals, what will actually happen?

So far, our heroes have been to one tower in Shaar’s Desolation, but the ritual has been long completed when they got there, and they went to another tower in Dunwood. While there, they were too late in stopping it, and thus another tower had completed it’s ritual.

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle dharkus