Radal's Blight

Our heroes started their very first adventure smack in the middle of nowhere, a small village called Radal’s Pass in the great shaar desolation, the huge desert of nothingness. This village had some problems with the water, which had turned red and diseased, and the village depended on this water. If they didn’t drink they would die (they live in a desert) and some of them died from dehydration rather than the disease itself.

Our heroes learned that the water came from an underground well near a goblin village, and they were tasked to go there and fix whatever was wrong with it. Once they got there, they noticed that the entire underground stream had been infected with this red plague as well, and the goblins were dying because of it, so it was not their doing.

Finding the wizard Voodhâl, he explained that someone had taken over his tower and ambushed him in the middle of the night, and just a week before that, he had recieved an invitation to join an order called The Magic Circle by someone calling himself Deathwalker, an offer he refused, even though Deathwalker insisted a lot, saying that he really needed the tower.

Getting to the tower and cleansing it of evil, they realized that whatever purpose this tower had, it had already been fulfilled. They heard of the magic circle, and their ambition to recreate the spellplague. Voodhâl said it wasn’t possible to recreate the spellplague, but he asked them to find his apprentice who had disappeared, chasing after Deathwalker to the west.

After cleansing the tower they could make the water safe again in the entire area and did.It turned out that the ritual needed a great deal of death and sacrifice to gather all that necrotic energy, and poisoning the water in a desert was an easy way to do it. Water now safe, they went and talked to the mayor, who thanked them for saving their village.

Radal's Blight

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