Dead Mans Party

While in Theymarsh, there were reports of a bunch of undead suddenly rising in the graveyard outside of town. There were several dozen of them up and about, and nobody knew how many more there would be in the crypts and tombs. Out heroes knew that Deathwalker was behind this, since they chased him here.

Our heroes took another approach, they went through the castle dungeon, underneath the earth, and made their way to the tombs. They had learned that in order to hold all that necrotic energy needed to get so many corpses walking an energy relay was needed, no necromancer could just wave their hand and get them walking by himself. The energy relay was charged with necrotic power, then sending it out to the corpses, animating them, which in turn were generating necrotic power from fighting, sending it back to the relay, and so Deathwalker didn’t need to do anything after that.

Our heroes also found a mystical amulet in there, in a tomb dedicated to Shadar Kai, who was surprisingly alive and well in his tomb, or so it appeared. They got to the crypts, smashed the palantir working as an energy relay, and the undead curse of Theymarsh was no more.

They did find Deathwalker, but he did not stay and fight, he used a portal powered by death to escape, and freed a monstrous undead beast which our heroes defeated, as Elgar bashed it’s head in forcefully while taking off his plate helmet and head-butting it until the monster’s skull was completely trashed (Elgar didn’t need any helmet in order to kill with his head)

Dead Mans Party

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