Custom Powers and Feats

Here are all the powers and feats custom made for my campaign so far. Take note that unless otherwise specified, all the powers here, whether they be arcane spells, divine prayers, primal might, psionic powers or martial skill, all is counted as a boon, and therefore simply gives you access to that extra power.
Arcane spells can only be used by arcane classes, divine prayers can only be used by divine classes, primal might can only be used by primal classes, psionic powers can only be used by psionic classes and martial skill can only be used by martial classes.

Fire Snap
Type: Arcane Spell
Effect: Close Burst 5, Standard Action, Intelligence vs Will, implement, daily. You choose any number of creatures in the burst to target with this attack, for every enemy above the first, you suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to the attack rolls for all of them. Hit: Targets take ongoing fire damage equal to 150% of your healing surge value. Special: The use of this power takes the use of one of your daily powers above first level or encounter power above tenth level. If you have no such powers left, you cannot use this attack.
Fluff: It is said that a great wizard was once surrounded by dozens of soldiers at once, and with a mere snap of his fingers they all burst into flames and died within seconds

Goblin Kneestrike
Type: Martial Skill
Effect: Free Action, Strength vs Fortitude / Dexterity vs Reflex, Weapon, Encounter. Trigger: you hit a target with a successful melee weapon attack. Hit: The target can’t use a move action to stand up (save ends)
Fluff: This attack is not invented by the goblins, but it is named after them due to the fact that you’re attacking the knees, and goblins in old tales often cuts men in their knees due to their short size, tales often are exaggerated, of course…

God Damn You
Type: Divine Prayer
Effect: Free Action. Encounter. Declare that you will use this power before rolling an attack roll. On a hit, you also apply a divine at-will power that you can use as if you have used and hit with that attack.
Special: If the at-will power applied would provoke an opportunity attack normally, such as if it was a ranged attack, it does not provoke an opportunity attack.
Special: You cannot apply a melee at-will power with a ranged attack
Fluff: Even men of faith sometimes loses their cool

Head Smash
Type: Martial Skill
Effect: Standard Action. Encounter. Strength vs Fortitude 4. On hit: Target takes d8Strength Modifier damage and is stunned until the end of his next turn. Effect: You take d8+Half strength modifier damage and is dazed until the end of your next turn.
Fluff: It has been said that some warriors use their heads in battle.

Holy Handgrenade
Type: Divine Prayer
Effect: Area Burst 3 within 5. Standard Action. Wisdom vs Fortitude. Implement. Daily. Targets each creature within the burst without any possible exception. Hit: Target takes 5d10 radiant damage and roll a d6 once for each target hit. 1 = Target is Stunned until the end of it’s next turn. 2 = Target is dazed until the end of it’s next turn. 3 = Target is blind and deaf until the end of it’s next turn. 4 = Target gets vunerable 10 against all damage types until the end of it’s next turn. 5 = Target is immobilized until the end of it’s next turn. 6 = If target is an ally, it takes half damage from this attack. If target is an enemy, roll again. Effects from 1-5 is applied and will now be ended on a save instead until the end of it’s next turn. If an enemy got a 6 twice, target takes half damage from this attack.
Special: This attack takes the place of a useable daily divine attack power above level 10
Fluff: It is said that a few men of gods have been blessed with the power to hurl a ball of divine power at their enemies, and all those who have used it have been a hero in their lands. Most famous is the battle against a mythical beast of caerbannog, but now it’s only told in fairy tales.

Movement of the invisible
Type: Stance
Effect: You take a -2 penalty to AC and you won’t provoke any opportunity attacks.
Fluff: The way you move can be seen at best at the corner of an eye, you make sure not to grab someones attention. Unfortunately, if someone were to focus on you, they would see the movement of a weird dance, and find it easy to strike at you.

Internal Combustion
Type: Arcane Spell
Effect: Melee touch. Standard Action. Intelligence vs Fortitude, implement, daily. Hit: Target takes ongoing 5/10/15 fire damage (by tier) and is stunned, save ends all. Special: target takes -3 to saves. Miss: Target takes ongoing 5/10/15 fire damage (by tier) save ends. Special: This attack provokes opportunity attacks.
Requirement: Arcane Character needs to take two specific potions in correct order and thereafter study for 6 hours and make a successful arcana check to learn (DC level 29). If failed, 6 more hours needs to be spent and a new roll can be made.
Fluff: Alvine has not yet finished recearching this spell.

Pinning Strike
Type: Martial Skill
Effect: Free Action. At-Will. When hit with a melee attack that would slow the target. The target is instead immobilized for the same duration
Fluff: Strike at a foes kneecaps, and you’ll know where you have him for the next few seconds.

Threatening Target
Type: Martial Skill. Stance
Effect: When you hit with a melee attack, the target can’t attack you until the end of your next turn unless it’s a burst or a blast attack and they target someone other than you.
Fluff: You hit your opponent in a very painful nerve, and they would think twice before attacking you again.

Monkey Grip
Type: Feat
Effect: You can wield weapons one size category larger than you normally can.
Requirement: lvl 11
Fluff: The way you’re holding on to weapons is strange indeed. Now you can use a normal greataxe or a large longsword in one hand, or a large greataxe or a huge longsword in two hands (for example. it is already possible to use a large longsword in two hands) for a soon-to-be-made list of weapon sizes check Here

Custom Powers and Feats

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