Here i will list all the character’s different equipment. Note that nobody but the DM is allowed to edit this page, for any reason. If someone edits this page, that person WILL suffer horrible, unjust penalties for it.


(All of the things listed below are destroyed)
14 Platinum Pieces
93 Gold Pieces
135 Silver Pieces
227 Copper Pieces
Adventurer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Bracers of mighty striking
Dread Warhammer +2
Boots of the fencing master
Gauntlets of blood
Defensive Craghammer +2
Mountain Plate Armor +2
Leather Armor +1
Lifestealer Longsword +1
Cloth Armor +1
Thieving Shortsword +2
Amulet of Life +1
Circlet of Second Chances
Medical Kit
Boots of surging speed
Bloodsoaked Shield
Belt of Lucky Strikes
Golden Breastplate worth 2.500 GP
Poisoned Dagger +1
Deathburst Leather Armor +2
Boots of Stealth
Jagged Rapier +3
Shielding Dagger +2
Dragonbone helmet of Fury
Necklace of the Timekeeper
Daemonscale Armor
Dragonbone ring of lifeforce
Baghaast Dagger of Forgotten Malice


9 Platinum Pieces
34 Gold Pieces
3 days worh of food
3 days worth of water
Adventurer’s Kit
Everburning Torch
Miner’s Helmet
Bloodiron Layered Playe Armor +2
Boots Of Rapid Motion
Battlecrazed Execution Axe +2
Cincture of the Dragon Spirit (Heroic Tier)
Haunted Bazraag Bone Armor +2
Fullblade +1
Raven Cloak +2
Gauntlets of Blood (heroic tier)
Couters of Second Chances (heroic tier)
Ring of the Dragonlord
Helmet of Pain
Gauntlets of the Battering Ram
Gem of Weight Control
Magic Floating Eye
Dragonbone Execution Axe


60 Gold Pieces
10 days worth of food
10 days worth of water
Adventurer’s Kit
Blade of the eldritch knight’s longsword +3
Gloves of the healer (paragon tier)
Drakescale armour of dwarven vigor +3
Power Jewel (heroic tier)
Casque of tactics (heroic tier)
Belt of vigor (heroic tier)
Healer’s Brooch +2
Distance Javelin +1
Healer’s Light Shield (heroic tier)
Acrobats Boots (heroic tier)


4 Platinum Pieces
3 Gold Pieces
5 Silver Pieces
10 days worth of food
Adventurer’s Kit
Orb Of Weakness intensified +3
Runic Cloth Armor +3
Shielding Blade Long Sword +3
Chalk and slate
Desert Clothing
Cold-weather clothing
Amulet of protection +3
Arcanist’s Glasses (heroic tier)
Boots of stealth (heroic tier)
4 Belt Pouches
5600 Alchemical Reagents


7 Platinum Pieces
21 Gold Pieces
5 Silver Pieces
Adventurer’s Kit
Climber’s Kit
Delver’s Kit
Chalk and Slate
Hunter’s Kit
Maw of the Guardian Craghammer +3
Bestial Hide Armor +3
Devil’s Claw +3
Iron Armband’s of Power (heroic tier)
Gauntlet’s of Blood (heroic tier)
Horned Helm (heroic tier)
Boots of Adept Charging (heroic tier)
Heavy Hammer Shield (heroic tier)
Belt of Raging Endurance (heroic tier)
2 Potions of Vitality (paragon tier)
3 Lesser elixirs of speed
5 Potions of cure moderate wounds
City clothing


14 Platinum Pieces
558 Gold Pieces
8 days worth of food
30 Purple Worm Poison (in the waterskin) (+16 vs fortitude, 10 ongoing poison dmg)
Gloves of the healer (paragon tier)
Healer’s Brooch +2
Healer’s Hide Armor +2
Diamond Cincture (heroic tier)
Acrobat’s Boots (heroic tier)
Light Shield
Adventurer’s Kit
Rovikar’s Longsword +2

Mark Watcher

7 Alchemical Reagents
Inix Leather Armor of Aegis Expansion +3
Seashimmer Cloak +3
Master’s Blade Longsword +2
Rhythm Blade Wrist Razors +1
Circlet of Mental Onslaught (heroic tier)
Boots of the fencing master (heroic tier)
Gauntlets of Blood (heroic tier)
Demonskin Tattoo (heroic tier)
Adventurer’s Kit
Glyph of Warding Scroll

Hadrian Cerberus

2 Platinum Pieces
20 Gold Pieces
10 days worth of Food
10 days worth of Water
1542 Alchemical Reagents
851 Sanctified Incense
68 Mystical Salves
88 Rare Herbs
Tiny Lanterns Scroll
Object Reading
Protection from Energy Scroll
Mindshape Warwind Drake Scroll
Seal Deaths Door Scroll
Remove Affliction Scroll
Fire Snap Scroll
Feign Death Scroll
Banish Illusions Scroll
Elixir of Levitation
Elixir of Giant’s Strength
Potion of Vitality
Ritual Book: 106/128 pages. Quickened rituals: Make Whole, Undead Ward, Seal Portal, Calm Emotions, Comprehend Language
Irrefuteable Githweave Armor +3
Cunning Accurate Staff +3
Disguise Kit
Fine Clothing
Gray Rain Cloak
Sage’s Kit
Grappling Hook
Everlasting Provisions (heroic tier)
Curse Eye Tattoo (heroic tier)
Cloak of the Walking Wounded (heroic tier)
Cognizance Crystal (heroic tier)
Adventurer’s Kit
Monocle of Comprehension (heroic tier)
Orb of Inexplicable Contention +2
Parchment Githweave Armor +3


2 Platinum Pieces
65 Gold Pieces
10 days worth of food
10 days worth of water
Gauntlets of blinding strikes (heroic tier)
Iron Armbands of power (heroic tier)
Symbol of Victory +2
Bloodiron Fullblade +3
Enduring Spirit Vestments Cloth Armor +3
Acrobats boots (heroic tier)
Headband of perception (heroic tier)
Brooch of shielding +1
Ironskin belt (heroic tier)
Adventurer’s Kit
Camouflaged Clothing
Glass Cutter
Inquisitive’s Kit
3 Caltrops
Iron Manacles
Surveyor’s Gear
Chirurgeon’s Tools
Writing Case


The Magic Circle Dartanous