Arena World Fame and accomplishments

One thing that can be found in many towns around the world is an arena, and many towns take great pride in their arena, where the mightiest people gather to prove their mettle in combat. Many towns have different rules in their arenas and different champions. Our heroes will get more fame as they fight there, and they might get world fame too, as there are fanatics that go from arena to arena in different towns, and word of the heroes deeds will eventually spread.

Information: The arena of Ankhapur is lawless, like the city itself. Crime and vandalism is commonplace in this town, so there isn’t much honor going on within the walls of the arena either.
Rules: Set up before each match, almost anything goes.
Champion: There’s no set champion, and a new one almost every week as the old one dies, leaves or stops fighting.
Deeds: Our heroes had a great success over a pack of Orcs, in a fight which was not meant for glory, but for their deaths, as the orcs got much more reinforcements, but our heroes still came out on top, and the spectators never knew about the attempt on the heroes’ lives. Later they fought deathblade and his crew, who were earlier arena favourites, and defeated them despite this being an attempt on their lives.
Fame: Our heroes would be very famous here if they were regular visitors, but in this lawless town where anarchy rules, one cannot be sure if many people remember them or have seen them before.

Information: The arena in saradush see many magic-using combatants, since it is set in the greatest magic capital in the world. There are of course warriors who rely on steel as well, and the arena champion uses both the arcane and martial powers.
Rules: Equal fights man versus man, team versus team or versus beasts. Either team could be given a handicap if both parties agree. Death is not possible due to a magic field surrounding the arena floor.
Champion: Malack the spellblade. He fights well with both might and magic, but somehow, he never seems to lose, even if faced with stronger opponents…
Deeds: Our heroes have not fought here.
Fame: Our heroes are unknown.

Information: The arena in Baranthor is big, but it looks kind of old, like it has been standing here for hundreds of years. Nonetheless, it is a great pride of the city, and many gladiators are proud to spill their blood here.
Rules: Equal fights man versus man or team versus team. Either team could be given a handicap if both parties agree. Death is not allowed.
Champion: Balasar ‘Thunderbreaker’ Torrin. Awarded that nickname after he fought and defeated the last champion who used a thunder sword.
Deeds: Our heroes have fought several battles here with both victory and loss, but the biggest deed is when Balasar Torrin fought and defeated the champion single-handedly.
Fame: Our heroes are very well know, outright famous, in the city of Baranthor, not just by the arena-goers.

Baranthor Underground
Information: This takes place in the arena after midnight, and it is sanctioned by the king. Some people want to see blood and real death matches, and those are the people who stay up for this. Not all matches are to the death, but those strong enough to fight here usually put their lives on the line to win.
Rules: Set up before each match. Anything goes.
Champion: Parcus Marmodar. He is so powerful that people say that he has no worthy challengers any more, and they are right. He just waits for someone to beat the Baranthor champion, maybe then he can have a decent fight…
Deeds: Our heroes have not fought here
Fame: Our heroes are famous for their victories in the Baranthor Arena, and many wish to see them prove their mettle here.

World Fame:

very slight

Arena World Fame and accomplishments

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