The Magic Circle

The story takes it's beginning

There was a rumour around the small town of Theymarsh, a rumour of trouble to the east, in a village known as Radal’s Pass. Three brave, glory-seeking adventurers with their sights set on fame and rewards joined a regular trading caravan that went there once a week. Esh, the magic wielding shardmind, outcast and unaccepted. Keluk, a sure-shot githzerai spirit master from another realm, equally shunned due to his looks. And Titan, a warforged user of both steel and the arcane arts with his mind intact.

Those three journeyed along with the caravan as guard in exchange for free travel & food. It took them five days under the desert sun before they made it to Radals Pass, where they found the village strangely abandoned at first sight. Getting closer, they realized that the town wasn’t actually abandoned, most of the villagers were inside their homes, down in the mines or at the church, waiting to die. The village has been cursed, it seemed, and they went to the towns mayor to hear what the problem was. The towns wellwater was apparently poisoned, but no poison that the towns priests could detect or cure.

Getting tasked to help this town, they went off to search for more information in the local tavern, where they met a young knight who called himself Sir Elgar. Getting some information out of the tavernkeeper, they hastily went off to the north, hearing that goblins live in an underground settlement, and has made camp near the underground lake where this town get its water from. On their way north, after having some issues reading the map and going in a circle at first, they found a large mound of sand, with a hand sticking out. Digging it up, they realized that someone buried a corpse here, but were a lot more surprised when it turned out the corpse was alive. It wasn’t really an undead being, but nobody has seen a revenant before, his name was Walken, a poor sould raised from the dead while not completely deceased. He is deadly and stealthy as the night, and twice as morbidly evil. The now five man party set off towards the north when they got ambushed by a small group of goblins who has made as poor judgement call when they tried to rob the group. Quickly defeating them and following their tracks towards their lair, they found a hatch in the sand with a ladder leading down.

Getting down the hatch, they were now in an old, man-made stone corridor, not knowing what kind of structure this was. They faced many foes down here, from goblins to a huge spider, finding a few treasures the goblins stole from raids against travelers and merchants, and found their way down depper into the dungeons. Down here it was more like a cave, nothing was manmade anymore and it got darker the further they went, They were getting closer to the Goblins settlement, but down here they noticed that tge goblins was infected with this sickness just as the people from the village was. Fighting and defeating what seemed to be the leader of the goblins, they found an old wizard that were defending himself against the goblin attackers. Apparently powerful, this wizard was in a bad shape, bloodied and ragged, but he asked for no help from the party. They learned that his name was Voodhâl, and that the structure above was actually part of the basement for his Wizards tower, and asked them to help him. He knew what was the cause of this plague in the water, and gave them the cure. The cure was in form of water that would spread on contact with other bodies of water, as long as it wasn’t too much, so they couldn’t just pour it down the river. Voodhâl told them that he had a system in his tower in which he can spread the cure properly, all they had to do was to pour the cure in a small fountain of his and it was connected to the water reserve of the desert, and constructed in such a way that the cure would spread throughout the entire desert, curing the plague.

Voodhâl gave them the magic rune to his tower which would open the door for them, and getting through his tower they noticed that there was a lot of undead here, which they had to fight to get through.


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