Sword of Erathis' Justice

weapon (melee)

Type: Bastard Sword +3
Owner: Aznost

Property: when using this weapon to attack, it deals 1d12 instead of 1d10 as [W] damage. All weapon melee attacks made by this weapon is radiant damage.

Daily: On a hit: any attack that deals damage to the target (from any player) is counted as radiant damage (save ends).
Daily: on a hit: choose 1 resistance of the target. That resistance ends until the end of the encounter.

On crit: 2d12 damage OR no damage. Choose one power you have, you regain the use of this power. OR – You deal no crit damage or initial attack damage. Choose three powers you have, you regain the use of those powers.


Aznost recieved this weapon from a herald of Erathis who gave up it’s mortal form to create this weapon to strike down the demon Gweldgasp. But for some reason, Aznost has started to eat and sleep more than usual, altough neither him or his teammates are worried by this…

Sword of Erathis' Justice

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