Rod of seven parts


Level: N/A
Owner: Alvine
Concordance: 5

Implement type: Rod, Wand & Staff.
Implement bonus: +2

  • Property (Ruat) You can cast ‘Cure Light Wounds’ 5 times per day as the lvl 2 cleric utility power
  • Property (Coelum) You can cast ‘slow’ as a range 10 attack (int vs will, implement with the rod) if hit – the creature is slowed for 60 minutes, no saving throws apply
  • Property: Whenever you use a healing power, the target can make a saving throw
  • Property: You get a +2 item bonus to Diplomacy, Intimidate and Religion Checks
  • Property: The user a fly speed of 12

Apart from the rods full power, the individual powers of all separate pieces also functions normally. The pieces so far collected are

Rod of seven parts

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