Ring of the Dragonlord


Owner: Balasar Torrin
Level 16

Property: You can read, speak and write Draconic.
Property: You can feel the whereabouts of any dragons, and their relative age within 100 yards. As a concentration for 10 minutes, this increases to one miles area. As a concentration for one hour, this increases to a ten miles area.
Daily: You can completely dominate any pureblood dragon. (Save ends, always on d20-5 with no other modifiers).
Daily: You can spend any number of healing surges, without getting any healing, to let any pureblood dragon regain the same amount of health that you would have otherwise.


The Dragonman and corrupt city guard captain Thom of Barathorn, now dead, had this ring on his finger. It is currently unknown what he used it for, but the power it contains is enormous

Ring of the Dragonlord

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