Necklace of the Timekeeper


Owner: Ser Elgar
Level: N/A

It appears that some entity lives in this ring. It’s powers are unknown though it has shown abilities to affect time in such a way that things never were or events never happened. It has also shown the ability to freeze time completely for everyone but the wearer.


Found in the tomb of Shadar Kai, Keeper of the Line. Ser Elgar got this by Shadar Kai himself, who were seemingly alive and well and untouched by time. It is known that it is not Shadar-Kai’s spirit in the necklace, but he never said what exactly it was or why Elgar should have it. The entity in the necklace seems to be very lazy as it prefers to sleep and doesn’t like being disturbed. It only talks when it freezes time around it’s wearer.

The necklace was later on destroyed as Elgar met his end

Necklace of the Timekeeper

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