Gauntlets of the Battering Ram


Level: 16
Owner: Balasar torrin

Property: Unarmed Attacks made with this weapon due to it’s weight and width is made with a -5 penalty to the attack roll. Damage to the target is 15d10.
Property: When hitting inanimate objects with this gauntlet the massive force is about equal to a battering ram. The user takes 3d8+10 damage every time this is used, whether it is a hit or a miss. The user may make a strength check when suffering the effect. DC 30+ you take no damage. Fail by 5 or less – you take half damage.


Found in the dragonhorde in a cave in icerim mountains. These heavy steel gauntlets are said to be able to break down any door or wall, but not without some suffering

Gauntlets of the Battering Ram

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