Bodyfelt Rope


Level: 11
Owner: Alvine

Property: This 50 foot rope can be magically commanded to move as long as the user is holding it. It can move around in any way but it cannot hold any weight greater than 5 pounds. It can be cut like a normal rope. If cut, the enchantment is broken and this item is destroyed

Property: The Bodyfelt Rope can harden by command as long as the user is holding it. The rope can only harden if any part of it is touching the ground, roof, wall or any part other than the user. If hardened the rope can support any weight it is holding and will never break. The hardened rope cannot be cut or broken. The hardened rope cannot move in any way. While it cannot break under the stress of the weight put on it, the same cannot be said for whatever the user ‘anchored’ it in, and if that part breaks under the stress, the rope is no longer hardened

(Example, if one end of the rope is touching the ceiling 50 feet up, it can harden and will stay there as it is anchored to the roof. The rope cannot break no matter how heavy burden is put on it or how fat people climb it, but the roof could)


Bodyfelt Rope

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