Baghaast Dagger of Forgotten Malice

weapon (melee)

Type: Scimitar
Owner: Ser Elgar
Level: 9

Property: This weapon deals 1d12 as [W] damage
Property: while holding this weapon, any creature with the Demon keyword in it won’t ever deal extra damage to you, whether it be by an effect that deals extra damage over the initial output, or due to vunerabilities, or any effects by any kind. (Only while possessed by Baghaast)
Property: Once per turn, when you hit with this weapon you can spend a healing surge to deal an extra 1D12 damage. You get no health from spending that surge.

Daily power: For the rest of this round, you won’t lose healing surges, but the effect of spending them still persists

On a crit: 2D12 damage


When the demon Baghaast was destroyed, his weapon was left on the ground. contrary to the beliefs of the party, this weapon itself isn’t evil and it has no bad influence on the wearer

Baghaast Dagger of Forgotten Malice

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