Endurant Wandering Cleric of Erathis


Aznost is nearly 6 feet tall and has the build of a wilderness man, tough and lean. He is young, not quite 30 yet, but has been aged a great deal by his constant travels and taxing ordeals. He is well traveled and endurant, comes off often covered in mud dirt and grime but prepared for anything. He is prone to gazeing off into the distance, or at the closest object, simply staring and sometimes talking to himself in a trance, as if communing with something that isn’t there. he believes strongly in his god Erathis’s plans, but he views the plans themselves as personal and feels that they are conveyed to him directly, not threw priests or others telling him what is needed/required. Aznost is stoic, absentminded, blunt, forward, uncouth and plain. He is often called simple, unconcerned, helpful and slightly curious. As well as being rather slow moving he is slow to judge and gullible, also being faithful to a fault.


Aznost is endurant. A human born into a life of no particular note or merit, he left his hometown shortly after officially becoming a man, not sure what he would find outside. What happened to cross his path and change his life was a cleric of Erathis. The man taught the slightly lazy and always bored young man the ways of his god, as well as the general traits that should be expressed by any follower of Erathis. While Aznost didn’t care to much about the history and proper procedures for the religion, the various small rituals and knowledge, what he did bond with was the wandering nature and constantly exploring aspect that he felt would follow servitude. Taking up the mantle of an acolyte he spent several years with his master, traveling and helping others, learning various languages and shedding away much of the fear that the people in the world held for outsiders. At the end of his apprenticeship Aznost set off on his own, once again leaving the comfort of familiarity and companionship, into the unknown, but this time with a vague idea of what to do and what to expect.

The first few years by himself for the cleric were filled with failed attempts at helping others, and a great many lucky survivals of bad encounters with savages that turned out to actually be savages, and not just misunderstood locals. Enduring capture multiple times, as well as nearly dieing from infection, starvation, exposure and disease, his body began to toughen up and Aznost picked up to practicing the art of the blade on his travels, finding that often in order to help people build up and civilize, he first had to deal with the more base and menial labor of sticking his sword into things. During his travels he picked up a great deal of lore about nature, what plants to eat or not, how to pass threw the forest unnoticed, what creatures to hunt and witch ones to avoid, and eventually was helping people not only by slaying small menaces and helping them build, but also in teaching them how to deal with the local wildlife.

Now an experienced adult, Aznost spends most practically all of his time wandering the roads, helping those he can and often attempting to help those who don’t wish it. The years have taught him to go with the flow of things, to not push his religion down other peoples throats but simply to help them in ways he feels is appropriate as a follower of Erathis, and to always endure. Times are tough, but the human cleric knows he can take it. Weather going into dwarven mines to learn their craftsmanship, helping a small human settlement build walls that will actually keep out wild animals, or attempting to convince a tribe of goblins that he really is just trying to show them a more effective ladder for their towers, aznost is always interacting with other people in his signature monotone, determined, and extremely patient manner.

After A particularly bad encounter with a orc camp ended up with him taken prisoner with a bunch of others and put up to die, Aznost met and was rescued by a group of adventurers. Though he tried his hardest, in his calm endurant and silent way, to deal with things it just didn’t work out. A rival band of orcs came along and in the attack they let the human prisnors free. Though Aznost and his new friends were offered to leave, they decided to stay around and look for what ever it was these people were looking for… Aznost continued to follow them, getting into more and more trouble. it seemed that where ever he followed these people combat broke out.

First he found the group get him indebted to these orcs who “saved” them, and because of it he had to attack the others, despite that in Erathis’s eyes the ones who saved them were probably “lessors”, due to their being a roving tribe that never set down into one place. Their encounters with the other orcs wasn’t peaceful of course, that was to be expected as they were sent there to kill the chief. Successfully bringing the orc head honcho down they set off to the town that his “friends” were heading to origional. Once there they spoke to a king and were sent off…Aznost was very confused at this time as to what they were actually doing or why they were doing it, and he started questioning wither he should back away from these people. He knew however that without him being there, their reckless way of moving forward was going to get them killed much sooner then if he attempted to help steer them to a less foolhardy and suicidal ending.

Many miles later they ran into demons. After attacking the monsters Aznost found himself leading the charge to follow them in order to slay this sudden potentially widespread menace, but then he started to pull back his support when they found a giant fortress. Here Aznost wished to go back and report but the group continued to push forward, not only breaching the demonic tower but going further and further inside. Needless to say they nearly became trapped inside, and then their only solution for escape was to be teleported to another dimension, a dimension that after a blind leap turned out upon arrival to be a prison of some great evil. Demon chasing, Demon flying and Demon fighting later they finally made it out…now almost jokingly to find themselves tossed in the middle of the blizzardy north (or south_.

Aznost doesn’t know how, but these people in only a few months time, have managed to make him feel far more tired and burnt out then his years of helping ungrateful strangers and dangerous monsters has.

The blade of Erathis in his hand grows heavy…


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